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Nestled in Palm Desert, Alps Village is a culinary gem showcasing a delightful fusion of European flavors crafted by Chef Milka and her daughter, Blanka. Milka's culinary journey from her birthplace in Mostar, former Yugoslavia, to her time in Germany during the Yugoslavian war has profoundly influenced the menu, which boasts a diverse selection of specialties from Germany and the former Yugoslavia, including traditional dishes from Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia such as Schnitzels, Cevapcici, homemade sauerkraut, Cabbage Rolls, Goulash, salads, desserts, and more. As a family-owned and run establishment, Alps Village holds a deep-seated tradition of entertaining and cooking for friends, ultimately leading them to open the restaurant and share their culinary passion with patrons. The restaurant's inviting ambiance provides a welcoming space for guests to savor delicious homemade fare, European beers, and signature cocktails while immersing themselves in the warmth and hospitality that defines the Alps Village dining experience.

summer update hours!!!
We hope you are enjoying your summer! Please be advised that we will not be serving brunch/lunch during the summer season. This temporary change allows us to focus on providing the best dining experience during our evening hours!
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Sundays closed!


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77734 Country Club
Suite F
Palm Desert, CA 92211

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